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How to Manage Multiple Businesses and Passions with Michael Mannino, Ep. 607

Mike Mannino is a licensed Master Builder in Michigan and Florida. With over 35 years in the construction industry. He has built, renovated, and remodeled residential houses, including multimillion dollar homes for local celebrities. He founded several multimillion-dollar companies that build and flip houses, and invest in multifamily real estate.

In this episode, we talked to Michael about managing project schedules and keeping up with them, martial arts and how it impacted his life, the art of managing different businesses simultaneously, and much more.

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Learning How to Create Systems and Processes;

02:28 Michael’s background;

12:33 Insights on keeping up with the project schedule;

15:46 Martial arts and how it impacted Michael’s investment journey;

18:50 Tips on the art of managing different businesses or passion projects properly;

23:27 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Building houses in Georgia around 2009.

Digital Resource: Freshworks CRM.

Most Recommended Book: The Go-Giver.

Daily Habit: Working out every morning.

#1 Insight for creating great systems and processes: Hiring and working with the right people is essential.

Best place to grab a bite in Florida: Columbia Restaurant.

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