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From Maxing Out Credit Cards to Owning 300 Units with Steven Andrews, Ep. 623

Steven Andrews is a real estate investor, business coach, and author with nearly a decade’s experience working in the real estate rental market. He founded SOARX Consulting in 2023 to empower individuals to turn their real estate dreams into reality.

Within nine years, Steven went from buying properties to supplement his income to pursuing real estate full-time. Today, he owns and manages hundreds of properties through his virtual property management company, Realty Management Group.

Remembering how hard it was to overcome his own doubts and insecurities at the beginning of his investment career, Steven is now on a mission to empower others to achieve their own goals in real estate.

In addition to writing his new book, The New American Dream: A Simple Roadmap to Purchasing Investment Properties, Steven established SOARX Consulting, where he provides an eleven-week course outlining the same process he used to create his rental property company.

In this episode, we explored Steven’s journey from limited resources to owning 300 units, the influence of his entrepreneurial parents, his initial challenges in real estate, the role of mentorship, the complexities of property management and scaling, and insights from his book on investment properties.

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Becoming a Student of Real Estate;

01:46 Little money – 0 to 300 units in 10 years;

05:16 Having entrepreneur parents growing up;

07:53 Overcoming doubts with your first property;

13:33 Becoming a student of real estate (Mentorship);

15:44The dynamics of scaling, owning and managing;

23:28 “The New American Dream: A Simple Roadmap to Purchasing Investment Properties”

28:02 Round of insights;

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Making mistakes with the maintenance team and losing money in his first deal.

Digital Resource: RentReady

Most Recommended Book: Building Wealth

Daily Habit: Be organised.

#1 Insight for scaling a real estate portfolio: Doing it as conservative as  you can.

Best place to grab a bite in Elon, North Carolina: The Cutting Board

Contact Steven: Website:

You can find Steven’s book “The New American Dream: A Simple Roadmap to Purchasing Investment Properties” here.

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